by dan Washington,DC
  • Occupational Experience:

    • Consultant, Windward Consulting Group, Inc.
      January 2005 - Present
    • Senior Internet Management Engineer, Loral Skynet, Inc.
      September 2000 - December 2004

      Design and implement the network systems management architecture. Provide network management and security services as part of the Internet Management and Security (IMS) group. Provide design and implementation support to MIS on key projects.

      • Working closely with the IMS Director on planning the Network Management systems architecture
      • Providing network mangement support to Product Development as they design new CyberStar product offerings. This support entails architecture recommendations and implementation support during proof of concept testing.
      • Deploy and maintain all Performance Management/Reporting systems including Network Health, MRTG/Cricket, and Custom/Network Node Manager.
      • Deploy and maintain IMS Web Servers for delivering SLA Reports and Network Management tools.
      • Design and implement any custom tools required to meet a specific management need or keep within budget.

    • Senior Systems Engineer, Global Management Systems, Inc.,
      November 1999 - August 2000

      Design, plan, test, and support implementation of new technologies deployed in the Pentagon Network Systems Management Center. Provide ongoing support for these technologies to the operations team. Note: This section covers activities beginning in January 1999, before my promotion to Sr. Systems Engineer.

      • Maintaining/troubleshooting HP-UX boxes, as well as preparing them for new applications (kernel configuration, resource allocation)
      • Preparation of HP-UX, Solaris, and NT systems for Security Accreditation.
      • Integration of new tools into HP Openview Network Node Manager
      • Basic Oracle Administration (backups, users, imp/exp, managing tablespaces)
      • Attending regular planning meetings for the integration of a new backbone into our existing management infrastructure
      • Ongoing support for Visionael, currently version 5.1.0672
      • Ongoing support for Raptor Firewall 6.01/6.02 for NT (modification of rules to meet needs of new applications)

    • Systems Engineer, Global Management Systems, Inc.,
      June 1997 - October 1999

      Supported and deployed solutions for both federal and commercial customers.

      • HP-UX administration for Pentagon Renovation Lab
      • Tested and deployed new versions of Visionael Net Product Suite (3.1 - 4.6.0585)
      • Assisted in deployment of Raptor 6.01 for NT
      • Member of team that developed a Security Policy and procedures for NIST/MEP
      • Customized an OCR product suite (based on MTI OCR for Forms) as part of a document management solution for CNS
      • Developed MS Access front end to MS SQL Server database for Indian Health Services

    • PC Manager/Academic Support, Juniata College
      August 1995 - May 1997

      Provided end-user support to faculty, administration, and students. Assisted in planning technology upgrades as the user base expanded.

      • Server configuration/maintenance for NT servers (2 Alpha/4 Intel(NT))
      • Assisted in network migration from VMS/Pathworks to NT, and campus network upgrade
      • Maintained 200+ lab machines, faculty machines, and administration machines
      • End-User training / support for 1400 users (team of 7)
      • Attended regular meetings to discuss the direction of the campus network support team as well as determine equipment purchases
      • Designed and implemented various MS Access databases for the faculty and staff
  • Education and Certifications:

    • Certifications
      • Micromuse NCA-Core, December 2005

    • Training
      • InfoVista VistaFoundation 2 Administration, January 2005
      • iDirect Network Operator Training, September 2004
      • Oracle 8i Enterprise DBA Part 1A: Architecture and Administration, June 2000
      • HP Openview Network Node Manager on UNIX I, July 2000
      • Visionael Net Administrator Training, November 1999
      • Supporting Microsoft Cluster Server, June 1999

    • BS Computer Science, Juniata College, June 1997

  • Computing Experience:

    • Operating Systems -Linux (various distributions), Solaris, HP-UX, various Microsoft Operating Systems
      • Planned maintenance  OS patches, system upgrades, kernel optimization
      • Troubleshooting  device drivers, misc. system failures
      • Security  auditing, host-based intrusion detection, strong authentication

    • Applications - Concord Network Health, HP Openview NNM, MRTG/Cricket, Cisco ACS, Visionael, RSA ACE/Server, Oracle, Axent Raptor Firewall, Axent ITA and ESM
      • Evaluation/Impact Analyis  test install/upgrade new applications assessing impact on current systems, then drafting and implementation plan to report findings
      • Troubleshooting  supporting application throughout application life cycle
      • Security  configuring firewall to support any new communication, assessing risks associated with deployment of the application

    • Programming - Perl, creating small and practical database driven applications with PHP, misc. web scripting